• Narrow Beam Scan

    The Narrow Beam Scan method is a breakthrough technology in surface microseismic monitoring.

  • Reprocessing

    Now is an ideal time to revitalize your understanding of the reservoir.

  • High Confidence

    Establish high confidence in your microseismic results.

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NEW: NanoSeis processes its 1,500th stage. Many thanks to all of our customers!

NEW: Don't just reprocess your microseismic data, revitalize your data. Reprocessing of entire libraries can be very cost effective, and may change your understanding of the reservoir.

NEW: If you're struggling to interpret incoherent clouds of events, read about MagicMoment® source mechanism inversion.

NEW: Learn more about the utilization of high confidence source mechanism inversion.

NEW: Disappointed with your Permian Basin surface monitoring results? See the results that others are getting.

NEW: Learn more about surface microseismic monitoring in an extreme environment.

NEW: NanoSeis licenses software to oil and gas operators and international service companies.