• Narrow Beam Scan

    The Narrow Beam Scan method is a breakthrough technology in surface microseismic monitoring.

  • Reprocessing

    Now is an ideal time to revitalize your understanding of the reservoir.

  • High Confidence

    Establish high confidence in your microseismic results.

Surface Microseismic Acquisition

NanoSeis partners with Dawson Geophysical for microseismic surface data acquisition in the United States.

Dawson Geophysical

Partnering with Dawson is a competitive advantage for NanoSeis. Data acquisition for surface monitoring is a great deal of work. We deploy 25,000 geophones on a typical job, and up to 100,000 on large jobs, and we insist that each and every geophone be buried. And of course the data acquisition must be cost competitive. Since we have been partnering with Dawson every project has been smooth, on time, and to specifications.