• Narrow Beam Scan

    The Narrow Beam Scan method is a breakthrough technology in surface microseismic monitoring.

  • Reprocessing

    Now is an ideal time to revitalize your understanding of the reservoir.

  • High Confidence

    Establish high confidence in your microseismic results.

Real Time Processing

In 2013 NanoSeis completed a number of successful large scale real-time microseismic monitoring project in Texas, using either cabled or Wireless Seismic recording systems. NanoSeis has done quality control and reprocessing of data that was acquired by other contractors from the same formations, and there have been some very low quality surface microseismic results from these areas.

The number of buried geophones in these projects ranged from 6,000 to over 24,000. For the largest project the Wireless Seismic system streamed over 2,000 channels of data in real time, 24 hours per day, and was running seamlessly virtually the entire job, for over 5 weeks. Thousands of surface events were recorded that are each clear enough for independent source mechanism inversion .

The value of real-time processing is high, especially when combined with real-time source mechanism inversion. For more information, and examples of the value of real-time processing, see MagicMoment® source mechanism inversion (PDF).