NanoSeis Microseismic Services

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Technical Paper Downloads


Transformative changes in Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) hydraulic fracture and VSP monitoring. 16th International Congress of the Brazilian Geophysical Society     Download Here

Workflow for nonlinear AVO inversion to estimate seismic anisotropy and geomechanical properties of shale. 

Proceedings of the 7th Unconventional Resources Technology Conference     Download Here

Linear-slip discrete fracture network model and multiscale seismic wave simulation. 

Journal of Applied Geophysics     Download Here

High Resolution insights into hydraulic fracturing strike-slip seismicity: Hypocenter uncertainty, depth of initiation, and genesis mechanisms. 

SEG Technical Program Expanded Abstracts     Download Here


Compliance estimation and multiscale seismic simulation of hydraulic fractures. 

Interpretation     Download Here

Seismic inversion and uncertainty quantification using transdimensional Markov chain Monte Carlo method. Geophysics     Download Here

Generalized multiscale finite elements for simulation of elastic-wave propagation in fractured media. Geophysics     Download Here


Microseismic Monitoring Book. 

SEG Library     Download Here

Multiscale Seismic Models of Complex Fracture Networks. 

Proceedings of the 5th Unconventional Resources Technology Conference     Download Here

The Plug Drum Effect, or why your microseismic events may not be where you think they are.  Unconventional Resources Technology Conference     Download Here

Will Your Surface Microseismic Be Successful? 

Fast Break     Download Here


Separating weak microseismic events from noise. 

SEG Technical Program Expanded Abstracts     Download Here

Tip-slip source mechanisms and hydraulic fracture microseismicity. 

SEG Technical Program Expanded Abstracts     Download Here


An effective medium model for the stress-dependence of anisotropic seismic velocities in fractured rock. Geological Society Special Publication     Download Here

Inferring the presence of fluid-filled fractures using S-wave attenuation on microseismic events.  SEG Technical Program Expanded Abstracts     Download Here

A Case for Surface Microseismic In Texas. 

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference     Download Here

Utilization and interpretation of high confidence source mechanisms.

SEG Technical Program Expanded Abstracts     Download Here

Estimation and interpretation of high-confidence microseismic source mechanisms. 

The Leading Edge     Download Here

Surface microseismic in an extreme environment.

The Leading Edge     Download Here


Modeling and velocity analysis with a wavefront-construction algorithm for anisotropic media. Geophysics     Download Here

Green’s tensor and radiation patterns of point sources in general anisotropic in homogeneous elastic media. Geophysical Journal International     Download Here

Comparison of simultaneous downhole and surface microseismic monitoring in the Williston Basin. SEG Technical Program Expanded Abstracts     Download Here

The Leading Edge:

Observations and implications of simultaneous recording of microseismic surface and borehole data. The Leading Edge.     Download Here